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Car space shed small

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Car space Shed

Car space Storage

Size  -  1.500m x .800m x 1.950m High (overall height including the floor)

Special Carspace sheds for storage in Hi-Rise carparks.

Comes complete, delivered and assembled on a treated floor

 We deliver them made up and just have to slide them into place. The wood floor is treated  so it won't rot (keeps your things dry when the Carpark is hosed out).

The floor has 43mm bearers underneath for clearance off the concrete floor, this enables them to be pushed back against wall and will not block any drains.

Height can be adjusted if there are any pipes or ducting above the Carspace.

Completly open inside - no shelves

Additional product information

Colour Zincalume & Colorbond
Door Single hinged floor
Roof Flat
Notes Installed on wood floor

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1 - 1 of 5 results